By: Carlton Boyd

When someone listens to a Melaku song for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. When someone listens to my music, I want them to take away a feeling of hope about their own future. I want them to experience Pop music that has built-in Logos, which basically means the spiritual laws of the universe. I purposefully keep my songs family friendly, because I think it’s really important that we have Pop music that’s good for the soul. Whether the song makes them laugh or cry, I want it to inspire them spiritually, and to be a catalyst for their next growth point. And even if it doesn’t do any of this, at least I want them to walk away saying “that song is stuck in my head.” As I like to say, my American Dream is the “pursuit of catchiness.”

Melaku released his album titled “Dream World” and this project was beautiful and harmonically rich. The album begins with the song “Heaven Gate” and “Burning Flame.” Both of these songs served as great openers and as an introduction to the album due to the polished vocals and complex instrumentation. You can tell the songwriting approach behind both of these songs are filled with passion and represented an authentic state of emotions from Melaku. However, it wasn’t long for “I’m In Pieces” to really make us fall in love with the entire album as a whole. “I’m In Pieces” was a beautiful masterpiece. The hook was so addictive. We found ourselves replaying the hook over, and over in our heads after listening. ”

Buzz Music

Melaku wrote, performed, and produced the entire album on his own... The story line in this album is deeply connected to each other to have a cohesive thought-provoking process. It actually takes something thinking and some solving to be able to understand and fully appreciate the process of the album creation.” - Harrison Morgan

EDM Sauce

Melaku doesn’t do saccharine, and he doesn’t ramble either. This newfound roots artist finds himself somewhere on the strummy side of pop, invoking elements of R&B, soft rock, and folk into his music like it’s nobody’s business. And it isn’t. Golden Age is the culmination of Melaku’s life stories all being threaded together up until this point, and it’s only in being able to convey his story to his audience that he expertly relates to theirs. With a deluxe version already announced, there’ll be plenty more of Melaku’s Golden Age to go around. Although, with what we have today, we’re already set for one great ride with the artist.” - Jonathan Frahm

For Folk's Sake

One of the most powerful songs on the EP is also the most soulful. “Love You Like A Lion” is straight out of the Motown textbook, and the chorus’ hook will infect you from the beginning. But Melaku is capable of deeper, more introspective moments as well, as on “Lost Your Lover,” and every song finds the artist handling its respective concept with a fresh burst of creativity. Of course, it’s perfectly easy to enjoy the EP without understanding the overarching theme, but it does provide some insight into Melaku’s process. It’ll be interesting to see what the extra songs add to Golden Age, but the EP in its present form is a ready-made, tightly coherent package of unadulterated, artful pop.” - Cody Conard

The Big Takeover

Melaku, a rising act from Santa Cruz, is a name to look out for — using bouncy keys and emotive string arrangements alongside a melodic vocal delivery...Melaku’s debut album...incorporates a fondness for music of the past – specifically the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s – into a fresh vein of pop with soul and rock influence. From “Lost Your Lover” to successes like “Red Room” and “Love You Like a Lion”, Golden Age is a worthwhile listen.” - Mike Mineo

Obscure Sound

Melaku is able to draw influence from 1950’s/60s/70/s music he grew up with. It’s able to bring a breath of fresh life into sounds of the past with his uplifting and spiritual music. We like to think that he express the evolving experimental music that was happening during those years. Melaku wants to bring the thought-provoking music back to life and have a cause to get behind on. Get behind Melaku’s cause by listening to his new debut album, “Golden Age”.” - Aaron Escobedo

With Guitars Magazine

"Golden Age" is the debut album for singer/ songwriter Melaku. This spiritual production tells a story of the artist's beginning through the different chakras with each track representing one of the seven spiritual centers of the human body. The album contains some of the best written pop songs on the planet today. Personally I am obsessed with his music. ” - Eileen Shapiro

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